Services & Expertise

Services & Expertise

CB Law is a Dutch boutique law firm. We specialize in corporate and business law matters and represent and counsel small and medium enterprises and multinational corporations across all industry sectors in respect of their business issues in the Netherlands and offer a full range of business-related legal services.

Our expertise includes legal advisory on day-to-day corporate matters and on (the structuring of) major events in company life cycles, including formation and registration of businesses, capital placements and capital stock transactions, cash repatriations, mergers, spinoffs, liquidations, corporate reorganizations, loan restructurings, corporate governance matters and cross-border transactions. We have extensive experience in navigating our clients through some of the largest and most challenging restructurings in the Netherlands and European Union.

Our team is fully committed to understanding your objectives, and ensure the process of doing business in the Netherlands is simple and easy to understand. In case of cross-domain legal specializations, we work together with befriended specialized law firms so that we are able to offer integrated assistance. For the tax part, we will work together with your tax advisor.


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